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ENWHP Newsletter - February 2018
Facing new challenges.
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Society at large and workplaces in particular are undergoing rapid change that impacts on health wellbeing. The benefits of implementing workplace health promotion practices and strategies are increasing with the ongoing changes to working life and to the overall changes within all developed societies. This was one of the reasons that ENWHP started a process of restructuring in 2016.

We conceive ourselves as a platform for work and health issues, as producers and mediators of good and innovative ideas, consultants at European and national level and promoters of collaboration and networking between public health and all health at work stakeholders.

We can’t do that alone.
Updating the Luxembourg Declaration
The Luxembourg Declaration from November 1997 (revised 2005) is the most important policy document of the ENWHP. It describes a common European understanding of workplace health promotion including common goals and the vision and mission of ENWHP. The declaration reflects the policy environment for occupational safety and health, the health program of the European Union and the policy strategies in these fields up to 2007. Since then, workplace health promotion is seen an essential part of all policies for European development to 2020. The health program 2014 – 2020 has as an objective: “Promote health, prevent diseases, and foster supportive environments for healthy lifestyles. In practice: identify, disseminate and promote the up-take of evidence-based and good practices for cost-effective disease prevention and health promotion measures by addressing in particular the key lifestyle related risk factors with a focus on the Union added value.”

The ENWHP is undertaking a new revision of the Luxembourg Declaration to adapt it to the new policy environment. In addition, this revision should encompass the changes in the structure of the economy, the labour market and the nature of work that have taken place since its original formulation in 1997.

This 2017 revision is being undertake in a participative way – we are seeking and will value the contributions of all interested parties in making the draft. All who contribute will have the opportunity to comment on the new draft.

Do you want to help us to update the Luxembourg Declaration? Please send us your proposals and contact details.
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A new workplace health initiative in Ireland
A legislatively based initiative.
The Irish Ministry of Health has embarked upon an ambitious and comprehensive initiative to develop a framework for the improvement of the health of the 2 million strong Irish workforce. This Healthy Workplace Framework is linked to the overall national public health policy Healthy Ireland and is currently undergoing widespread consultation with all of the workplace health stakeholders.

The Framework is based on the recognition that workplace health programmes are amongst the best ways to combat chronic illness and disease in the working population. It will cover both the public and private sector and will seek to support the development of specific initiatives in all workplaces. However, it is proposed that there will be a legislative basis for this for public sector employers who will be required to develop and report on health and wellbeing policy in their organisations. This legislation will be one of the few examples in Europe of workplace wellbeing initiatives being obligatory for workplaces.
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10+ EU projects with WHP resources
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On June 2017 Direçao Geral da Saude (Portugal) organized with the support of Chafea and DG Santé the conference “Healthy work environment, active health promotion and disease prevention at workplace”. During two days, health promotion and disease prevention activities supported by the 2nd Health programme 2008-2013 and the 2rd Health Programme 2014-2020 was shown.

These projects cover areas such as chronic diseases, mental health, WHP training, alcohol and immunization and made available tools and information that can help in implementing workplace health promotion interventions and enhancing the knowledge base.
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ENWHPITALIA: a new Italian Hub on WHP
In the last few years, the approach of institutions and organisations to health and safety in the workplaces has changed in Italy, in line with the law approved in 2008. As a result, there are a considerable number of "local" initiatives ongoing in Italy and a new Italian Network for Workplace Health Promotion ENWHPITALIA will be launched in the Autumn.

It will be an open Federation of regional, province or city networks for WHP that agree to the aims and mission of the ENWHP. This network will have direct contact with the European Network, participate directly in all European research projects and have the possibility to exchange information with the main European experts in promoting health in the workplace.

In particular, this network aims to be the first hub for exchange of experiences based on the Italian language. It will promote the Luxembourg Declaration and work to create evidence of the effectiveness of WHP.

The network can also help the sustainable development of the community in which the organisations operate. Experience has shown that by activating synergies, networks can end up becoming an advertisement also for local economies.

In view of the important actions taken in recent years by the Italian Regional administrations, the network wish to document these experiences and practices and promote them at international level in order to integrate the lessons learned into different European regions.
5 Things to consider for promoting workers’ wellbeing
The main goal of workplace health promotion is to promote employees’ health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, when organizations deploy these interventions, many focus only on healthy lifestyles related to physical health. In reality, wellbeing is far more than physical health, it also includes mental health. When referring to wellbeing we also need to consider the career, social, financial, community aspects of employees’ health (Rath, T. and Harper, J. Wellbeing: the five essential elements. Gallup, 2010).

These authors define these elements as liking what one does every day at work and outside (Career); having strong relationships and love in one’s life (Social); effectively managing one’s economic life (Financial); having good health and enough energy (Physical health) and sense of engagement with the area where ones lives (Community).

What can be done at the workplace?
Some ideas
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